Saturday, October 9, 2010

Top / Bottom view in the same report

To show top and bottom in the same report I followed the following approach.

Create a prompt that will show top or bottom values to use, choose the column for the prompt and in show choose SQL results and enter the SQL,

Select Case when 1=0 Then Table1.Column Else 'Top' End From “Subject Area”
Union All
Select Case when 1=0 Then Table1.Column Else 'Bottom' End From “Subject Area”

In Default to, choose specific value and enter Top. Set the presentation variable (pv_tb).

In Answers, add the columns for the request

Country Name, Amount Sold
Set the Amount Sold column as descending, to get the chart values in order.
Add a dummy column, name it as Top / Bottom in that fx enter the following,

Case When '@{pv_tb}'='Top' Then Rcount(1) Else (Max(Rcount(1))-Rcount(1)+1) End

Add a filter over this column as less than or equal to 5.

Go to dashboard add the prompt and the request.

This will give Top 5 or Bottom 5 values based on the prompt selection.

Top selection:

Bottom Selection:

To have dynamic value to be passed for the report, change the above prompt add another column to the prompt. Make the prompt as edit box and set a specific value and set presentation variable (pv_rk) to have the value as shown below.

Now change filter condition in above criteria to add the presentation variable pv_rk as filter instead of the value 5.

The report will be,


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