Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pivot table grouping and column navigation

To show the top 10 records and group the rest with (+) and others and show their total values like this,

When the users click (+) then expand the report on the same Dashboard with a scrollbar.

First create a request with 3 columns Rank (which will hold the rank), Country name and Amount_Sold Change the column (Rank) data format to accept HTML.

In the column Rank use the below formula,

In the column Country name use the below formula,

Case when RANK (sum (SALES.AMOUNT_SOLD)) <= 10 then COUNTRIES.COUNTRY_NAME else 'Others' end

Include the same dimension Country name in your request and hide this field as well. This is for OBIEE to do a proper group by in the Pivot.

Now go to the Pivot view and arrange Amount_Sold and columns updated in step no.2 and 3. However ranks will not be sorted, to do the sorting of it, Create a new dummy column and populate it by using the below formula, sort this field and then hide it.

Case when RANK(sum(SALES.AMOUNT_SOLD)) <= 10 then RANK(sum(SALES.AMOUNT_SOLD)) else 11 end

In pivot view you will get the following:

To add a scrollbar and navigation of + plus sign in the same dashboard.

Go to Dashboard add a text box, enter the following code.

Now you will see the result in a frame as below,

When you expand the ‘+’ the expanded request will be refreshed in the same page inside the Iframe


(nQSError:46036) Internal Assertion: Condition GetAdaptersinfo( pAdapterinfo.get(),&ulOutBufLen).....

(nQSError:46036) Internal Assertion: Condition GetAdaptersinfo( pAdapterinfo.get(), &ulOutBufLen) == NO_ERROR, file .\Config\SUSystemConfig.cpp, line 1298.

While installing OBIEE I got this error...

I tried to install OBIEE, and I got this error you can see the details on the forum

Install loopback adapter to get rid of this one...

What is an loopback adapter?

The loopback adapter assigns a local IP address for your computer. After you install a loopback adapter on your computer, you have at least two network adapters on your computer: your own network adapter and the loopback adapter. Oracle Database needs to have Windows using the loopback adapter as the primary adapter.

You can see how to install loopback adpter using the following link..