Sunday, December 12, 2010

OBIEE Column Level Security with Grant Total

Two users UserA and UserB were used for this sample.

UserA belongs to Non Sales group.
The column level security is applied over Non Sales group, so users from Non Sales group cannot see the Quantity sold column.

UserB do not have any restrictions.

For UserB,

Same report for UserA,

The grant total value of Amount Sold column is displayed at the column which is hided for the UserA. Usually when we enable column level security that column will be pushed to end, that is the reason for this.

To get the correct format with same functionality.

Remove column level security from RPD Quantity Sold column from RPD presentation layer.

In logical layer go to the LTS, In column mapping write the case statement like shown below,

Now for UserA,

For UserB the report will show all values for the quantity sold column.


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